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Lite PDF Viewer

Lite PDF Viewer enables you to create, view & read PDF files at ease. The app offers many features, animated UI & modern look.

Lite PDF Viewer requires “All Files Access” permission to show you list of all PDF files in your device to choose from them which to open since that it will be complex to show you a button to open the files app to choose from it and also we need this permission to show you all the images in your device to choose from it and create a new PDF file using these images.

Lite PDF Viewer is the perfect PDF viewer for those of you who only need to work with PDF documents occasionally.

Lite PDF Viewer doesn’t have the advanced tools and options you find in other online PDF tools, but it works perfectly for opening and reading PDF documents on your computer. It’s very small, doesn’t hog system resources and features all the functionality you would expect from a simple, easy PDF viewer.

The basic set of tools offered by Lite PDF Viewer include page rotation, support to zoom in and out of the document and location of specific text. The program features a nicely designed interface and is very easy to use – which is a good thing, since Lite PDF Viewer comes with no documentation.


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