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The Snake Google Game

The classic Snake game has been around since the late 70’s, but in 2018 Google made the game available on their search engine. The Snake game has never been so accessible, making it easier than ever for people to relive the classic game.

How to Play

Playing the game is simple:

  • Open Google and type in “Snake game” and a playable version of the game will appear.
  • Using your up, down, left, and right arrow keys you will direct your snake around the playing area.
  • The goal is to consume as many apples on the screen as possible without allowing your snake to hit the wall or its own tail.
  • As you eat an apple, your snake will grow in length and the game will speed up.
  • Be careful and avoid crashing as long as possible.

The Power Up

If you manage to reach the last apple without crashing, you’ll get a power up. This power up will make your snake bigger, faster and invincible. You will become an unstoppable force and have the power to destroy any obstacles in your path.

The Challenge

The Snake Google game is an addicting mix of speed and skill. Trying to beat your own high score while navigating the walls of the game is a challenge. With each game, you will become a more skilled player and try to master the game.

Fun for All Ages

The Snake Google game is fun for all ages. Kids, adults and everyone in between can have a great time playing this classic game. So, why not give it a try and see how far you can make it? You will be sure to have a blast playing this timeless game.

Try the Snake Google game today and enjoy a classic piece of gaming history!


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