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Simple as DUCK 🦆

Simply, we offer you technical solutions that help you in your daily life and work, and this is because we believe that simplicity is always the secret of beauty.

We are a technical solutions and consultations company offering:

  • General Technical Solutions
    • E-Commerce Systems(Web App-Mobile App-Backend-APIs-Dashboard)
    • Accounting Systems
    • Management Systems
      • Stores
      • Supermarkets
      • Pharmacies
      • Hotels
      • Schools
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems(ERP)
    • Trending Apps’ Clones
      • TikTok – A social media app for creating and sharing short videos.
      • Instagram – A photo and video-sharing social networking platform.
      • Snapchat – A multimedia messaging app known for its disappearing messages.
      • WhatsApp – A messaging app that allows users to send text messages, voice calls, and video calls.
      • Signal – A secure messaging app that focuses on privacy and encryption.
      • Zoom – A video conferencing app widely used for remote meetings and virtual gatherings.
      • Netflix – A popular streaming service for movies and TV shows.
      • Uber – A ride-hailing app that connects passengers with drivers for transportation.
      • Airbnb – A platform for booking accommodations and lodging around the world.
      • Deliveroo – A food delivery app that partners with local restaurants to offer delivery services.
      • Spotify – A popular music streaming service that provides access to a vast library of songs and podcasts.
      • Pinterest – An app for discovering and saving ideas on various topics, including recipes, home decor, fashion, and more.
      • Any other app(Contact Us)
  • Custom Technical Solutions
  • SEO for Web Applications
  • Penetration Testing and Cyber Security Services
  • Advertising Services
    • On our platforms
      • Websites
      • YouTube Channel
      • Apps(Push Notifications)
      • Facebook Page or Group
    • On other platforms
      • Google
      • Facebook
      • TikTok
      • Instagram
      • Any other platform(Contact Us)
  • Technical Courses
  • Technical Consultations
  • Technical Human Resources Hiring
  • Technical Human Resources Management
  • Technical Project Management
  • Technical Project Delivery Quality Control and Assurance

We offer both free and paid services for you, you can check lists below for more information.

Our free services list is here:

Our paid services are everything technical except the free services.

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