How can I merge properties of two JavaScript objects dynamically?

How Can I Merge Properties of Two JavaScript Objects Dynamically?

JavaScript objects can often contain the same data, yet still differ in how those properties are accessed and manipulated. Merging properties of two JavaScript objects is a common, useful plugin that allows you to incorporate all of the relevant data without having to resort to other methods. Here are the steps you can take to achieve this:

Step 1: Create the Objects

First, create two distinct JavaScript objects in your code. Both objects should contain simple key-value pairs, like this:

let objectOne = {
propOne: “valueOne”,
propTwo: “valueTwo”,

let objectTwo = {
propThree: “valueThree”,
propFour: “valueFour”

Step 2: Access Both Objects

Once the objects have been created and stored, it’s time to access them both. You can use the Object.keys() method to access each of the objects’ keys. This method will return an array of the keys it contains, like this: [‘propOne’, ‘propTwo’, ‘propThree’, ‘propFour’].

Step 3: Merge the Properties

Once you have an array of keys, you can loop through it to merge both objects’ properties. For example, you can use a simple for loop like this:

for (let i = 0; i < Object.keys(ObjectOne).length; i++) {
ObjectTwo[Object.keys(ObjectOne)[i]] = ObjectOne[Object.keys(ObjectOne)[i]];

This will iterate through the ObjectOne array and add the properties to ObjectTwo. It can also be used in the opposite direction to add ObjectTwo’s properties to ObjectOne.

Step 4: Store the Merged Object

Once you have completed the merging process, you can store the objects in a new JavaScript object, like so:

let mergedObject = Object.assign({}, ObjectOne, ObjectTwo);

This will create a new object, mergedObject, and store the data from both ObjectOne and ObjectTwo. You can now access the merged object’s properties using the same methods.


Merging properties of two JavaScript objects is a useful technique for combining two pieces of data into one. With the steps outlined above, you can complete this task quickly and easily.


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