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The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is one of the four books of scripture essential to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is a record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and it supplements and clarifies the Bible.

History of the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon was first published in 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr., who said he translated it from an ancient record. The ancient record was written in an unknown language by holy prophets in North America about 600 BC-400AD. The Book of Mormon covers the period of about one thousand years, from about 600 BC to 400 AD.

Purpose of the Book of Mormon

The purpose of the Book of Mormon is to show us how to follow the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ. It contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as a record of his ministry among ancient inhabitants of the American continent. The Book of Mormon provides a wealth of doctrinal and practical instruction to help individuals and families make wise decisions in their own lives.

Doctrine in the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is rich in doctrinal truths:

  • Baptism: the doctrine of baptism is found in the Book of Mormon. It states that all people must be baptized in order to enter the Kingdom of God.
  • Atonement of Christ: the Book of Mormon teaches of Jesus’ atonement and how it is necessary for our salvation.
  • Prophets and Apostles: the Bible and the Book of Mormon contain many fascinating stories about prophets and apostles, who are given divine authority to lead God’s people.
  • Plan of Salvation: the Book of Mormon contains teachings about the Plan of Salvation and how it can bring us back to our Heavenly Father.


The Book of Mormon is an inspired record and a keystone of the LDS faith. It contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and is a source of great spiritual guidance. The Book of Mormon is a powerful witness of the truth and provides individuals, families, and churches with direction on a path of righteousness.


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