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Google Snake: A Classic Game

Google Snake is a classic browser game created by Google in 2018. The game can be found on the Google homepage on mobile devices and the web, and allows the user to play the classic game directly from the browser.

The Basics of the Game

Google Snake is a classic game which is easy to learn and understand. It follows a simple concept: the user guides a virtual snake around an open area, collecting pieces of food while avoiding obstacles. As the snake collects more food, its body grows longer, and the game gets more challenging.

Game Mechanics

Players control the snake with the arrow keys on their keyboard or touch screen. When the snake collides with obstacles or the edges of the screen, the game is over. The goal of the game is to eat as much food as possible while avoiding dangers.

Game Features

Google Snake has several features which can increase the challenge and excitement of the game. These include:

  • Power ups: Collect power-ups which can help you survive for longer.
  • Obstacles: Navigate around obstacles such as walls and lasers which can obstruct the path of the snake.
  • Time limit: Beat the time limit in order to score higher points.
  • High score: Challenge yourself by setting new high scores.


Google Snake is a classic browser game that can be enjoyed on any device. With its simple yet challenging mechanics, Google Snake can provide hours of fun.


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