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Heartstopper: A Story About the Power of Friendship

Heartstopper is a graphic novel series by authors Alice Oseman and published by Walker Books. It follows Charlie and Nick, two British high school students who begin a blossoming friendship despite their many differences.


Charlie is an effeminate high school student who is struggling with his sexuality. He is frightened of coming out to his peers and family, and is trying to navigate his way through teenage life without prejudice. He meets Nick, the school’s most popular and seemingly perfect student, who seemingly has it all figured out. But on a deeper level, Nick is struggling with his own issues and discovers solace in his budding friendship with Charlie.

Heartstopper is a heartwarming story of self-discovery and acceptance, as both Charlie and Nick grow emotionally and become closer through their friendship. Along the way, we learn about the power of support, compassion, and kindness.


The two main characters of Heartstopper are Charlie and Nick. Charlie is a sensitive teenager who is questioning his sexuality while not being entirely comfortable in his own skin. Nick is a popular student who is struggling internally with his own issues. He finds solace in Charlie’s friendship and support.

We also meet Charlie’s best friends, Elle, May, and Tar. Together Charlie and his friends form the perfect group of friends. We see how the group shares their joys and struggles and how their relationships strengthen one another.


Heartstopper tackles issues of self-acceptance, coming out, friendship and love. It emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and finding a safe space to open up and express one’s authentic self. It dives into topics of mental health and how to find stability by leaning on those you trust.


The art style of Heartstopper is clean and minimalist. It centres around the ideas of light and hope, offsetting the more difficult issues the characters face. This allows us the room to feel and explore the emotions of each character while also seeing them work towards a brighter future.


The Heartstopper graphic novel series has brought much joy to readers around the world. The series has been met with universal praise, with readers loving the emotional, heartwarming story and its gentle approach to heavier topics. It is often lauded for how it positively represents LGBTQ+ relationships and mental health.

Where To Read Heartstopper

– Heartstopper Volume One
– Heartstopper Volume Two
– Heartstopper Volume Three
Heartstopper Digital Editions
– Heartstopper Webtoon

Heartstopper is a beautiful story about friendship, self-discovery, and acceptance. It is perfect for those who are looking for a touching, heartwarming story that celebrates life and the power of relationships.


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