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Game Stop

Game Stop is a global gaming retailer dedicated to the industry built on a legacy of customer trust and unparalleled expertise. Their expansive network of over 6,600 stores and website offer gamers both new and pre-owned game material, accessories and more.

What Game Stop offers?

Game Stop provides a wide variety of gaming services, products and content including:

  • New & Pre-Owned games: The latest releases as well as pre-owned favorites, plus digital codes and accessories.
  • Retro Gaming: Rare, classic and hard-to-find discs, consoles and accessories.
  • Gaming Memberships: GameStop’s POWERUP Rewards program is free and offers discounts, points and special offers.
  • Live Events: GameStop hosts live events in select stores with Q&A sessions and special guests.
  • Buying & Trading: Customers can buy, sell and trade new and pre-owned games, consoles and accessories.

Innovative Retail & Shopping Experience

In addition to great products and services, Game Stop offers customers an innovative retail and shopping experience. The stores feature interactive kiosks, digital signage and a variety of Wi-Fi enabled content. Customers can also shop online via the website and mobile app, where they can make purchases, receive discounts and access digital content.

Supporting the Community

Game Stop has a strong commitment to the gaming community, including programs and partnerships with vendors, publishers, developers, charities and more. Some of their current initiatives include supporting Toys for Tots and introducing a series of esports events in select stores.


Game Stop is one of the most popular retailers in the gaming industry. With a wide variety of services, products and content, as well as innovative retail and shopping experiences, Game Stop is a great place to shop for gaming enthusiasts. Packaged with the company’s commitment to the gaming community, Game Stop is the ultimate gaming destination.


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