How to get better at warding league?

How To Get Better At Warding In League Of Legends

Warding is one of the most important aspects of playing League of Legends. In the right hands, warding can decide the outcome of a battle. Here are some tips for becoming an expert warden:

1. Understand the Map Layout

The layout of each map in League of Legends is unique and requires a certain level of understanding to effectively ward. Understanding the layout includes knowing which areas are most important such as choke points and objectives, knowing where enemies like to enter from, and where optimal locations for wards are. All these factors play a major role in warding silently and protect your team.

2. Know the Ward Types

There are three major types of wards: vision, trinket, and control. Each one serves a purpose and needs to be placed in the right location to gain vision of objectives and enemy players. Knowing which type of ward to use and when is a major part of knowing how to ward effectively.

3. Deploy Your Wards Strategically

It is important to know when and where to place your wards. Knowing which areas your team needs to be aware of and when is key to successful warding. Some key locations to consider are:

  • Jungle entrances
  • Poky points near objectives
  • Concealed bush areas near your own base
  • Important choke points between lanes

4. Remain Vigilant

It is important to stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings. Warding requires constant attention and knowledge of the terrain in order to be effective. Warding is vital for gaining map control and preventing your enemies from taking objectives.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Knowing how to ward is one thing, being able to pull off effective warding in any situation is another. Experienced warden’s often practice warding in bot games before heading into real matches. This allows for a better understanding of the maps and proper warding locations, allowing for much more effective warding in actual games.

Following these tips will allow you to become an expert warden and gain the upper hand in a fight! Good luck!


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