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A Review of Lionel Dahmer Book

The story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is as dark and disturbing as it gets. But his father, Lionel Dahmer, has found a way to tell his own story in a very different way. The book, A Father’s Story, tells the story of the life and difficult journey of Lionel Dahmer as he comes to terms with his son’s heinous acts.


A Father’s Story is a deeply personal and often emotionally intense account of Lionel Dahmer’s struggles with coming to terms with his son Jeffrey’s crimes. Lionel Dahmer shares his anguish and anguish of his family as they come to grips with the senseless acts that Jeffrey had inflicted upon his victims.


A Unique Perspective – Lionel Dahmer tells his story from his own point of view, a perspective different from books written solely by academics or journalists. Lionel Dahmer’s story is both heart-breaking and illuminating.

Insight into Jeffrey’s Mind – While Lionel Dahmer never attempts to explain or excuse his son’s crimes, A Father’s Story provides an often-overlooked window into the difficult journey of a father coming to terms with such horrific acts of violence.

An Emotional Rollercoaster – When reading A Father’s Story, it is impossible to not get emotionally involved as Lionel Dahmer describes his struggles with understanding why his son committed such heinous crimes.


Lionel Dahmer’s story is a unique and emotionally raw look into the difficult journey of coming to terms with a loved one’s horrific acts. A Father’s Story is a must-read for anyone looking for an honest and emotional journey into the thoughts of a father trying to make sense of his son’s actions.


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