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The Snake Game: An Exploration of Classic Video Game History

From early game consoles to smartphones, the Snake Game has remained a beloved classic video game. Initially developed to test computer hardware in the late 1960s, this basic but exciting game of “eat or be eaten” has evolved into an enduring test of strategy, reflexes, and skill.

Origins of the Snake Game

The Snake Game originally gained popularity for its use in arcade cabinets. It wasn’t until the late 1970s, when arcade and home console hardware had become capable of displaying vector graphics, that the game took off commercially. With the development of the handheld gaming console the game gained even more followers.


The Snake Game is a single-player game in which the player controls a virtual snake which moves around the playing field manuevering around obstacles and eating “food” items to grow in length. The main objective is to eat as many food items as possible while avoiding obstacles and other enemies. As the player progresses further in the game, the difficulty increases and their score increases.

Strategy and Skill

The game has developed into one of pure strategy and skill. It requires quick reflexes and an understanding of the pattern and obstacles. The player needs to consider the best way to move their snake in order to score points, avoid obstacles and enemies, and make it safely across the playing field. The way the game is designed requires players to pay attention to multiple elements of the game at the same time and make decisions quickly in order to be successful.

Features of the Modern Snake Game

The Snake Game has been updated and modernized to keep up with the times, incorporating new features such as:

  • Graphics: Smooth, modern high-resolution graphics.
  • Power-ups: Receive power-ups to increase the snake’s speed, jump obstacles and destroy enemies.
  • Levels:Progress through levels, each with its own unique layout, graphics, and enemies.
  • Multiplayer:Compete and play with friends.

Bottom Line

From its humble beginnings as a hardware testing exercise, the Snake Game has become one of the most beloved and enduring video game classics of all time. It requires quick thinking, strategy, and skill to be successful. With modernized graphics, levels, and power-ups, the game has remained enjoyable for all ages for over 50 years.


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