spin a dreidel

Spin a Dreidel

A Dreidel is a four-sided spinning top with a Hebrew letter on each of its four sides. Traditionally, it is used by Jewish children during the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. Even though the Dreidel game is fun for children, adults also like to get in on the fun, too. Here’s all that you need to know about the Dreidel game and how to play it.


  • A Dreidel
  • Gelt (coins or chocolate)
  • A bowl for the Gelt
  • Players


  • One player starts off by spinning the Dreidel. As the Dreidel spins, everyone places a Gelt into the bowl.
  • After the Dreidel comes to a stop, the player whose turn it was looks at the Hebrew letter facing up on top of the Dreidel and follows the corresponding rule, as described in the table below.

Dreidel Outcomes and Prize Distribution

  • Nun (נ) – The player receives nothing.
  • Gimel (ג) – The player receives all of the Gelt from the bowl.
  • Heh (ה) – The player receives half of the Gelt from the bowl.
  • Shin (ש) – The player places 1 Gelt into the bowl.

End of the Game

The Dreidel game ends when one player has all of the Gelt from the other players.

Spin a Dreidel and have a festive time during this holiday season!


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