the great reset book

The Great Reset Book

The Great Reset Book, by Richard Florida and Tim Kasser, is a must-read for those looking for a fresh perspective on our current economic situation. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the current economy, exploring the issues of unemployment, environmental damage, and political power. It then moves on to discuss potential solutions, such as the “Great Reset,” or the full restart of our economy.

Rethinking the Global Economy

The Great Reset Book dives deep into the current state of the world’s economy. It takes a hard look at our reliance on fossil fuels, the damaging effects of global inequality, and the struggle people face in seeking economic stability. The authors acknowledge that while economic growth is always desirable, we cannot continue to use unsustainable and unethical practices as we have in the past.

The Great Reset Solution

The Great Reset solution suggests that in order to achieve sustainable economic growth, we must shift our focus to:

  • Reskilling the workforce — providing education and training so that individuals can stay competitive in a rapidly changing global economy.
  • Investing in infrastructure — encouraging investment in renewable energies and updating our current infrastructure to better respond to climate change.
  • Creating an ecosystem of investment and innovation — ensuring that new businesses have the resources and access they need to succeed.

The Great Reset Book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand the current economic landscape and takes the opportunity to offer potential solutions. With its comprehensive analysis and sharp insights, it is an essential read for entrepreneurial leaders and policy makers alike.


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