How to Do SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing content and websites to increase their visibility in search engine result pages (SERP). This can be done through a combination of technical and creative techniques.

How to Do SEO?

Doing SEO effectively requires a thorough understanding of both the process and the many individual tactics that make up the process. Here are the steps to help you get started with SEO:

1. Research and Understand Your Audience

Before diving into SEO tactics, you should have an in-depth understanding of who your target audience is, what their needs are and how they search for information.

2. Perform Keyword Research

After you have a good understanding of your target audience, you need to identify the words and phrases they use when searching for the topics you are targeting. This process is called keyword research and can be done using various online tools.

3. Analyse Your Website Structure and Content

You should make sure your website is organized with a logical structure that is easy for users to navigate. You should also add unique, well-written content that is optimized for the keywords you have identified.

4. Optimize Titles and Metadata

Pay attention to the titles, meta descriptions and URLs of your pages. You should make sure they are descriptive, include the keywords you are targeting, and are unique.

5. Link Building

Link building refers to the process of building relationships with other websites and getting backlinks to your own. This is an important factor of SEO since Google uses backlinks as a signal in its algorithm.

6. Monitor, Analyse, and Tweak

SEO is an ongoing process and you should constantly monitor, analyse, and tweak your website to ensure you are getting the best results. This includes monitoring your rankings, backlinks, and website traffic.


SEO can be a complex and ever-changing process, but with a basic understanding and the steps outlined above, you can get started and begin to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results. Good luck!


Mostafa Saady, Egyptian Software Engineer, supersonic self-learner and teacher, fond of learning and exploring new technologies and science. As a self-taught professional I really know the hard parts and the difficult topics when learning new or improving on already-known languages. This background and experience enables me to focus on the most relevant key concepts and topics.

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