How to do a French braid?

A Guide to Your First French Braid

French braids are a classic and sophisticated hairstyle that are loved by people of all ages. They look beautiful, and you can create a French braid with a little practice. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do a French braid.

Step 1: Start with a Brushed-Out Hair

Having clean and tangle-free hair is essential for achieving any type of braid. That’s why you should start with combing out all the knots and tangles in your hair thoroughly. Make sure all your hair is brushed out and silky-smooth.

Step 2: Part Your Hair

Next, decide where you want the braid to go, and part your hair accordingly. You can choose to braid your hair down the middle or to the side.

Step 3: Take a Small Section of Hair

Once you have the desired parting in your hair, take a small section of hair from the top. It should be roughly the same size as the other braids from the sides.

Step 4: Split the Section Into Three

Split the section of hair you’ve taken at the top into three equal parts.

Step 5: Begin Braiding

To create a French braid, you need to start braiding. Cross the rightmost section over the center section first, then the leftmost section over the center section.

Step 6: Add Hair to the Braid

Once you have the basic braid going, you can start adding more hair to it. As you braid, take a small section of hair from each side and add it to the braid. After that, cross the right and left sections as you did before.

Step 7: Repeat the Process

Keep repeating the process of adding more hair and crossing the sections until you have reached the nape of your neck.

Step 8: Finish the Regular Braid

Once you have reached the end, finish the braid like a regular three-strand braid. Cross the right and left sections over the center section and secure the braid with a hair tie.

Step 9: Admire your Handiwork

Finally, you have a beautiful French braid! Admire your handiwork, add a few bobby pins to secure the braid and you’re done!

Tips for Achieving the Perfect French Braid

  • Start With Clean Hair: Clean hair will make it easier to braid, and it will help your braid last longer.
  • Be Gentle With Your Hair: Pulling your hair too tightly can create a lot of tension, which can lead to headaches and breakage.
  • Secure Your Braid: Secure your braid with bobby pins or elastics. This will help keep your French braid in place for longer.

French braids are a classic hairstyle that you can rock for any occasion. With a little practice and this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to braid your hair like a pro in no time!


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