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The Summer I Turned Pretty – A Captivating Coming-of-Age Story

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han is a captivating coming-of-age story about Belly, a teenage girl who spends her summer on the beach with her family. This book follows Belly as she navigates the tumultuous terrain of first love, friendship, and family dynamics.

It’s the last summer before Belly’s brothers go off to college, so they all decide to spend it on currenter’s beach, where Belly and her family have been vacationing for years. As soon as she arrives, Belly senses that something is different. Her two childhood friends, Jeremiah and Conrad, have grown up, and Belly starts to see them in a new light. Suddenly, she is feeling things she has never felt before, and her summer is filled with confusion and excitement.

What You Can Expect from The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty is an engaging and uplifting coming-of-age story about teenage love, self-discovery, and family. Here are some of the main things you can expect from this book:

  • A Story of First Love: Watch as Belly navigates the confusing terrain of her first love.
  • Friendship Dynamics: See the complex relationship between Belly and her two best friends, Jeremiah and Conrad.
  • Family Dynamics: Get an inside look at the relationships between Belly and her family members.
  • Self-Discovery & Growth: Watch as Belly discovers who she really is and how she fits into the world.

Why You Should Read The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a must-read for coming-of-age fans. With characters that are so realistic and relatable, you will be quickly immersed in the story and won’t want to put this book down. If you’ve been looking for an uplifting and heartfelt read, then The Summer I Turned Pretty is the book for you.


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