How to Save a Dying Cactus?

How to Save a Dying Cactus?

Cacti are beautifully hardy plants on the face of it, but even the toughest of them can die if not given proper care. If your cactus is droopy, yellowing, or covered in a white powdery substance, it might be on its last legs. Luckily, there are a few steps you can try to revive it!

Steps to Save Your Dying Cactus:

  1. Check the soil. When cacti don’t receive enough hydration, they become dormant and ugly. Make sure that the soil is damp to the touch.
  2. Look carefully at the cactus’ spines. If they look wilted and yellowed, your cactus may be thirsty! Move it to a sunnier spot, and you should notice an improvement soon.
  3. Check for any pests. Whiteflies, mealybugs and scale insects can easily weaken and kill a cactus. Remove any pests you spot with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.
  4. Check for any rot. If you find brown patches on the surface, or foul-smelling white slime, your cactus may be rotting. Cut out the rotten tissue and discard it.
  5. Let the cactus regenerate. If you’ve managed to get rid of any pests and rot, the cactus should start to recover with proper care and hydration. Make sure to water it sparingly, as too much water at this point may cause more damage to the plant.


It’s very possible to save your dying cactus if you catch the problem early enough. Just remember to check for any pests, look for rot, and water the plant sparingly. With love and attention, you should be able to ensure your cactus makes a full recovery and lives to flower another day.


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