Easy Ways to Change the Wi-Fi Network Name

Easy Ways to Change the Wi-Fi Network Name

Whether you’re adding a new device to your Wi-Fi network or simply want to give your existing network a change of name, modifying your network’s name (SSID) can help you to identify it more conveniently. Here are a few easy ways to change the Wi-Fi network name and keep your connection safe.

Modify the Network Via Your Router Settings

Most people’s router settings can be accessed by typing the router’s address in your web browser.

Steps to change the Wi-Fi network name via your router settings:

  • Log in to the router settings.
  • Find and select the option of “Wireless Settings” or “Wireless Network” (depending on the type of router you have).
  • Select the “SSID settings” option and edit the current Wi-Fi network’s name.
  • Save the changes and the new Wi-Fi network name should appear on the list.

Change the Network Name Directly From Your Device

This method is applicable when you have a specific device that needs a change in the Wi-Fi network name.

Steps to change the Wi-Fi network name directly from your device:

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • On the list of settings, find the section labeled “Wi-Fi”.
  • Select your network and tap on the “Rename” option.
  • Enter the new name and save the changes.
  • The device should now prompt for you to reconnect to the network.

Changing your Wi-Fi network’s name is an easy task. Whether you modify the network’s name from your router or directly from your device, make sure that you remember the new name of the network and regularly check the security settings of your router to ensure that your connection is safe from unauthorised access.


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